Friday, 16 June 2017


Long ago it was completely dark  there was no stars in the sky but there was only a taniwha   it was in the lake and people would be in great danger. The next day there lived a young warrior he was not scared to fight a Taniwha his name was Tamarereti. tamarereti felt hungry he looked in his kete but there was nothing so he got his waka and used a net   to catch some fish. he pulled the fish up onto his boat the wind ware off Tamarereti was tied he thought there were plenty of time to have a sleep. When he woke up the wind beached the boat to land.Tamarereti cooked his fish that he catched. When they were cooked and he was starting to eat the fish he was thinking how to get home. But he was wise he had seen many shiny pebbles he tried to grab as many as he could.he threw the pebbles hi in the sky. When they appeared in the sky it turned into stars he was so happy because people won't be in danger and every buddy can see what there doing.

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