Wednesday, 13 June 2018

My Mihi

This morning I shared my mihi with our class, I was nervous but afterwards I felt proud.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

matariki story

Once long ago in a beautiful valley there lived seven Sisters who were making kites for harvest.The first Sister made a green kite from the harakeke bush.The second Sister made a orange kite from the raupo bush.The third Sister made a pink kite from the manuka tree the fourth Sister made a red kite from the puriri tree.the fifth Sister made a blue kite the colour of the river. The sixth sister made a white kite from the toetoe bush.the seventh,smallest Sister made a colourful kite.Her name was Matariki. The seven Sisters took there kites to the top of a hill to fly.sadly,there was no wind,so the Sisters tied there kites to the puriri tree and went to sleep during the night the wind blew and the kites flew away.the sisters woke to the sound of crying-it was Matariki.where is our kites the Sisters shouted.up in the sky the kites danced among the stars.oh no! our kites have gone said the Sisters.the Sisters looked everywhere for there kites. The Sisters were so pleased to see their kites shining brighter than the stars. The end

Friday, 1 June 2018

Zoo Recount

Last week on Thursday we went to the zoo to have fun and too learn about animals.

We got in our groups we were with Tomasina. We went on the bus I
was sitting with Chaun we played chopsticks I won against him twice
when we were driving to the zoo we drove past a circus. After that I
felt like going to sleep but when I was lying on the window I saw a sign
called motat on the right. And the zoo on the left. We got at the zoo we
walked to the eating area we got told every thing about the zoo.

When she left we got to go everywhere so me Chaun,  Zachariah and
Jermaine and also Anthony walked around with chaun's mum we saw the
rhinos. They looked so cool because the horns on their head make them
look so so cool. We also saw the zebra and the tall giraffe. their was Mr
Moran and his group all the way at the other side. It was all most time to
go back to the eating area because we needed to have our morning tea.  
When we got there almost everyone was there. When everyone was there
everybody was eating yummy food. After that when everybody was done
three people from the zoo came. All of us lined up and went with a zoo person.
She told us that the bones at the zoo were whale bones.We went in some
cool houses. There were windows with insects in them most of them were
camouflage. After that we went to see some cool looking birds we saw this
big fat looking bird. It flew close to me and I was just at the bird we had
to go back because we had to go to the bug lab.when we went to the bug lab
we had to put our bags on the edge outside of the bug lab. When we went in
it was so cool there were heaps and heaps of things there also some areas
where there is a entry and a exit. When you go in it it is covered in honey
and there a bees in it too. There is a score board you have to rub this thing
on the honey to get the score to go up and then you get up to success there
was a zombie one but inside wasn't even a zombie I showed my friend chaun
he was very scared his face looked so funny because he was like oh my. And
my friends other friend told the truth  that there was not a zombie but he
wouldn't come in because he believed the sign when his mum was about to
go in he went in but was still scared we went out because it was almost time
to go back to school and we haven't had lunch so we went out and got our
bags and had a quick lunch we still had some time so we went to look at
some more animals then it was home time.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Omaru creek

The omaru creek is now clean enough to swim there is now a abundance of animals in that is like a pristine sparkling water and it is pure tranquil beauty. omaru creek used to stink
like a whole pile of dirty socks.and it smells bader than everyones feet.

Duffy Books

Thank you Duffy for my books I love them.

haast eagles

this week i learnt about  haast eagles it was fun. and we were also learning about extinct and endangered animals