Wednesday, 21 June 2017

two bunnies

In a place there were to bunnies. one was white and the other one was brown.there were to parents and two kids they were all runing.the bunnies were going to crush the cars and smash the buildings. maybe they qwickly grabbed there phone and dialed 911 for the swat team .people  were scared  because they would get eaten.they had to escape .so they had to find a place some where are they supposed to earn money. And who is going to get rid of the bunnies.if they dont they will destroy the hole world.people would be sad and they worked hard to afford the house.i could see the bunnies with a person in the mouth

Friday, 16 June 2017


Long ago it was completely dark  there was no stars in the sky but there was only a taniwha   it was in the lake and people would be in great danger. The next day there lived a young warrior he was not scared to fight a Taniwha his name was Tamarereti. tamarereti felt hungry he looked in his kete but there was nothing so he got his waka and used a net   to catch some fish. he pulled the fish up onto his boat the wind ware off Tamarereti was tied he thought there were plenty of time to have a sleep. When he woke up the wind beached the boat to land.Tamarereti cooked his fish that he catched. When they were cooked and he was starting to eat the fish he was thinking how to get home. But he was wise he had seen many shiny pebbles he tried to grab as many as he could.he threw the pebbles hi in the sky. When they appeared in the sky it turned into stars he was so happy because people won't be in danger and every buddy can see what there doing.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2

In the weekend  my cousin Stevenson rang me on the phone. He said “do you want to come and watch the movie Guardian of the Galaxy with me?” I said “yes!” My cousins Flora, Elijah, Siaku, Faith and and aunty Wilma went too. They said I looked like the best in the car. I think it’s because my jacket looks cool.

We drove to the movies. When we got there we went to get some snacks. Wilma said I looked like the bomb. I waited and waited then Wilma said we’re going in now. 

We got in and we were siting in the second to front row. There were two girls at the front but at the edge of the row. Siaku and I watched a little bit of the movie, then we went to the front.

The movie was about Peter and his team fighting a giant colossal octopus and baby Groot dancing and having fun. I really enjoyed this movie. 

Friday, 26 May 2017

making paper planes

On monday we made airplanes, first we watched a video it told us one way. Next I got a piece of paper I forgot how to make one so I asked Teingoa to help me. I asked Miss Davis if we could just play with our planes. Then Kitione thought of a new way to make a airplane when julianna saw it she wanted kitione to make her one but he didn't so they just carried on. Our time was up we had  to fly them.  l waited until it was my turn. When it was our turn i felt nervous a little because I didn't know who was going to win. When green group  stood up kitione was excited but I was nervous. When Miss Davis said go, I threw my plane as hard as I could Kitione’s plane landed and then mine my one was right beside Kitiones.

But kitiones plane went just a little bit longer then mine. I was a  little bit happy because I almost came first. the champions out of their groups was chaun, Kelly, Kitione, Leigharna and Troy they all stood in a line and they threw their planes. Everyone got out i don't know why. it was only kelly and someone else. For the last time they flew their planes and kelly won at the end I felt angry because  I didn't make it in the championship. After that Miss Davis said we’re going to have the grand final challenge but then she just said we can just fly our planes anywhere in our class bay. After we put our planes away and did something else.

Friday, 12 May 2017

problem solving

Working Out
Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.35.34 AM.png
Equation and answer



It was so dark that people will be in big danger.The taniwha lived under the sea if there is anyone near his home the will be eaten.Tamarereti  woke up he felt hungry so he went in his waka to catch some fish.Tamarereti calt three large fish but the wind ware off tamarereti thought it will be plenty of time to have a nap.When the wind came back and the waka beached itself to an island tamarereti woke up.Tamarereti lit a fire to cook the fish and he was thinking how to get home then he saw some shiny pebbles on the ground he grabbed some and went in his waka.Tamarereti put as many shiny pebbles in his hand  as he could and put them in the waka.e through as many shiny pebbles as hard as he could in the sky then it help him go back to his village.And tamarereti made the whole sky beautiful with those shiny pebbles made stars.


i learnt how to make a kite