Friday, 28 July 2017


Once upon a time there lived a person who really wanted to go to space. The person got in his jeep and drove everywhere until he found a place with rockets and that it only cost 100$.He just had enough money so he hoped in the rocket and headed off to space. At space they saw the they hopped out and they said wow i can flout the person who flew him there said that's enough playing now and he said let's explore some other planets. So again they hopped back into the rocket then they saw saturn   they hopped out but when they hopped out they saw a alien. They got scared so they went back to earth.when they got to earth it was very early in the morning. The man had to go to his car and turn the lights on. And he had to ride back home.And the man who took him to space hoped in his car to and drove back home.  

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  1. Hi Kristopher,
    I enjoyed reading your writing about the alien. You've got some great ideas. I liked how they did lots of things in space and not just float around. Which of these planets are your favourite? I personally like Jupiter because if I remember correctly, it's the biggest one.
    Keep up the great learning and sharing.

    From Miss Lavakula