Thursday, 12 July 2018

yummy pikelets


The block made catapults on a nice shiney monday morning .we each got six popsicle sticks from my friend hendrix .The other person that was helping was cherish she was a girl at the other table mr moran was putting tape on the table for people to rap around there popsicle sticks.I went to a table with my six sticks and tape. I took four sticks and put it together and got two pieces of tape and raped it around both sides of the sticks. I took the other two and put one on the top and one at the bottom.On one side I pushed the two sticks together. the place where my finger is I sellotaped it around there. When everyone was ready we went in the battlefield everybody was crazy there was so much people I couldn't find my friends. when I shot my bullet It just fell to the ground.Hendrix crawled over and stole my bullet.I walked around trying to shoot everybody I really wanted to shoot hendrix because he is one of my best friends and he stole my bullet.The teacher said stop because we were going to have a battle who can be accurate. you have to try and get it in the square .some teams went first but when it was my turn I got excited when I went up I waited for the teacher to say go when the teacher said go pulled my catapult back and then flung it but sadly it fell to the ground again. At the end all the winners challenged each other aaron and jermain won .

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Sharing My Mihi


Standing up before my class my heart was beating loudly I can do it I whispered to myself i filled with confidence .I excitedly stood ready to share my mihi so I quietly began  and went through the hole way.